Gifts from the catalog “MAXI POINTS”

Show your Maxi Card and won surprise presents! You have only to collect Maxi Points and you can won presents which are presented in catalogue.

Catalouge of presents is valid from period: 15.05.2017 – 15.08.2017

Presents are aviable for our costumers which possess and present Maxi Points Card, but it doesn’t mean that our clients which do not have Maxi Points Card, they can get it !

You have to ask our cashier on the desk box and to apply for your Maxi Points Card.

Applying is for free, without additional payment, you have to fill the application form and than you can received your Maxi Points Card. Maxi Points Card will be active after the first supply.

Points can be collect in every your supply in minimum amount of 2.00 EUR.

During your supply process please show and present the card in order each transactions is converted in number of points.